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The legacy site of Guy Inchbald

Other sites you might be looking for:

 Guy's current web site

 steelpillow.com, my day job.

 The Inchbald School of Design, with which I have little connection.

Stuff still to be found here:

The famous airport announcements and other stuff.

Stuff moved to my new home:

  Guy Inchbald's home page
Writings, CV, family, random stuff.

General info, papers and other resources (moved to steelpillow).

  Essential seed oils
Useful dietary data, if a little old by now.

  Holdfast Computing
Joypads and other special access devices, from an even earlier era.

   Missing jewellery
Have you seen any of these unique contemporary enamel on gold masterpieces,
by the internationally acclaimed enamellist Marit Guinness Aschan?

Updated 14 November 2013